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Ladies & Gentlemen of the Aether . . . the Costume Contest was rather a bit of fun, so we have teamed with Highwind Steamworks to bring you another; this time for props in the form of Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets, and this time there are many opportunities to win.

Goggles are rather obvious, but what of Guns and Gadgets? Guns can be either pistols or rifles, and gadgets should be anything that can be held with hands or worn on the person.


The infamous Thomas Willeford sporting one of his deadly arms.

There will be four categories in which the voting will be cast: Best Goggles, Best Gun, Best Gadget, and overall Best in Show. For each category there will be two opportunities to win, yes, that is correct, TWO opportunities to win, making a potential total of eight winners! We will have winners for the Popular Vote which is cast by the readers (that would be you) and then the Judge’s Choice in which our guest judge Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Leather will pick one from each category.

Highwinds Belt

Belt Pouch from Highwind Steamworks

Best in Show winners will receive the following:

A $75 Gift Certificate to Highwinds Steamworks.
– A weekend badge to the Steampunk Empire Symposium 2015.
– Winning picture will be displayed on our website, used on promotional materials for the Steampunk Empire Symposium as a featured “Item of Curiosity” in the new Adventures of the Steampunk Symposium card game (a sneak preview coming soon).
– Pandora Society Merchandize.


2014 SES Pins 680x400

Some of the Pandora Society merchandize to be won.

Category winners will receive the following:

– A weekend badge to the Steampunk Empire Symposium 2015.
– A 50% discount off a custom “Item of Curiosity” card of their entry in the new 
Adventures of the Steampunk Symposium card game (a sneak preview coming soon).
– Pandora Society Merchandize.



Anyone from Anywhere around the world can enter.

You have between now and July 19th (just under two weeks from today) to enter this contest. To do so, please complete the form below.

– A close up picture of your item (multiple angles if possible).
– Your story of the items functions and background, and a write up of how you assembled the item . . . Your write up will also be featured on the website, so be creative. 150 words or less for each.

Starting on Friday, July 25th, voting will begin to see which item our readers like the most.

AND now . . . some rules . . .

– Items must have been created or modified by you.
– Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

– One item per photo. No group shots.
– You may only submit one entry per person.
– No illegal activity, sexually explicit material.
– No use of third party logos and no copy written material, UNLESS you have written permission from the owner/photographer of the picture (this can be done via email)

– By submitting a photo you are giving Pandora Promotions LLC permission (and that of the photographer) to use that image for promotional materials.
– Prizes will be awarded within 60 days of selection of winner.
– No substitutes allowed for prizes and they are not transferable.
– All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

Voting will begin on July 25th, and the winner will be announced at the next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on Saturday, August 2nd.

You have between now and July 19th (just under two weeks from today) to submit your entries using the form below . . .



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