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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contestBabbage created by Claudius Van der Graffe of Indianapolis, Indiana. 

BabbageBabbage is my ferret automaton assistant. His ability to get into confined spaces is invaluable when performing airship maintenance. Employing a real ferret for this task has proven impractical as the aetheric radiation can cause unexpected mutations …one giant ferret terrorizing the countryside is enough, thank you. Babbage has a secondary function: he is a long-term experiment in the scientific application of cute -and its potential weponization (bwah hah hah!) He has inadvertently has become the mascot of our group ,the Circle City Aerodrome.

Babbage started life as a folkmanis puppet I bought at a ren faire. Most of the stuffing was removed to make room for a wood frame to hold the electronics. he has an Arduino running five heavy duty RC servos. leather flying cap and goggles, flight jacket and his own jet pack with wings made from sandalwood fans.


Voting begins on July 25th.


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