Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – Wingsuit Version XL2

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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contestWingsuit Version XL2 created by Loyce Wakefield

Wingsuit Version XL2 2

The all new RAAF Wingsuit gives people to experience life in the air! First developed in Adelaide, Australia to be used in the Golden War, the wingsuit has made it’s way out of war use and into the everyday lives of all those who wish to experience a more exciting way to travel. Here we see a young Officer Wakefield demonstrating the wings in a semi-closed position while she takes a rest on a hot summer day. 

Wingsuit Version XL2 1

The mechanism was made from a lot of trial and error involving 2 linear actuators and aluminum piping. The feathers are made of a stiffened fabric. They open and close via a 4 channel radio that the user has the controller for. When fully open, the wings give the user a 12 foot wingspan. 

Voting begins on July 25th.



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