Geek-out Wednesday!

Boba FettThis month the Cincinnati Geek Club makes the bold move of holding its meeting on a Wednesday rather than the usual Friday. It was agreed that while Friday was a nice night to hang out, it was occasionally awkward when some con somewhere always seem to be in conflict. Of course that didn’t stop hoards of highly caffeinated nerds from getting together to imbibe far too much coffee and talk the night away on just about every science fiction and fantasy film, TV show, comic, game, and book imaginable; one needs a few shots of espresso just to keep up with the multiple streams of conversation that are simultaneously buzzing around the tables of Roxx Electrocafe.

“But I’ve never heard of the Cincinnati Geek Club!?!” I hear some of you exclaim (echoes from the future), so here is a bit of background on the group. The meetup is barely half a year old; the first gathering was Friday, August 19, 2011 when about a dozen people hooked up for a night at Roxx Electrocafe, on the edge of the University of Cincinnati campus, to give up the chat rooms and online forums and actually have round table discussion about their fandom of all things sci-fi and fantasy. In these early months the group held the overly wordy working title of “The Top Secret Cincinnati Sci-Fi & Fantasy Geek Club,” which was fun for a while until another, and much cooler name could be found; no strong alternative was picked, so the name shrank down to the more straight forward “Cincinnati Geek Club” as the group generally discusses ALL things geeky.

Roxx Electrocafe, at 214 Calhoun Street, is the perfect choice for this group. Andy and Jinny Eigel, owners of the coffee shop, will freely confess to their unabashed nerdom and proudly tell you about the steampunk inspire decor of the shop. The front of the cafe has a very chic Parisian like feel, but once you get toward the counter you see banks of computers and comfortable office chairs that provide gamers hours of good gaming, and then toward the back is the stone fireplace and comfortable lounge adorned with rusty keys, cogs, and other devices.

Each month the numbers have been growing and at this rate the Geek Club is going to take over the shop. Actually Roxx manager, Corey Gross, has enthusiastically made plans with the group to start screening movie on Geek Club nights; it’s turning into a monthly “mini-con,” especially in December when zombie artist Billy Tackett paid a surprise visit to the group. So if you live in or around Cincinnati, like coffee (or a huge variety of drinks offered by Roxx . . . sorry, no booze), and love all things geeky then join this crowd of misfits at 6 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month and find yourself a whole load of new friends.


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