Four days left!

With only four more days until the opening of the Pandoracon, please allow us to further introduce you to the House of Spades . . .

Ostentatious, extravagant, flamboyant and enchanting

Oye!!! Welcome to the House of Spades where none of those above words help describe who we are. If its opulence you seek, might I suggest the houses next door. Now if any of the following words are a better fit for you, look no further.

Boisterous, obnoxious, rowdy, unrestrained and gritty

We can promise the following:

  • To use our outside voices inside at all times
  • To always share a flask when one is in hand
  • To be shirtless whenever possible (rules and regulations require this for the men only, sorry ladies)
  • To prove that intimidation does play a key factor in winning
  • Most of all, have fun though odds of us remembering everything are pretty slim (see promise #2)

Welcome the the House of Spades


One Response to “Four days left!

  • Why apologize, don’t you think we ladies ~like~ to stare at shirtless men?

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