Five days until we open!

In five short days, the gates to the kingdom of Pandoracon swing wide. And, from the moment you enter, this will be as no other convention you’ve conceived. Apart from the Cirque du Soleil or an exotic watermelon wrestling event, this may be the most spectacle you can observe without being cited for voyeurism. And, even before the doors open, the process was in motion to make this the most inclusive, engaging, entertaining event you’ve ever attended.

So, let us begin where everyone begins: at the Registration DeskAt the doors you are greeted by an atmosphere of energy and engagement. By now, everyone is aware that, when you pick up your badge, you are sorted into one of the 4 noble households, each alike in dignity, if not in character. Participation in a House brings you instant friendship, participation, commonality and activity. To which House shall you belong:

  • The House of Diamonds – Exemplars of Elegance: clever, charming and highly inclusive
  • The House of Clubs – Lovers of Libatious Living; gregarious and genuine with a lust for life.
  • The House of Hearts – Paragons of Passion; fearless, fiery and filled with fight
  • The House of Spades – Bastions of the Bellicose; boisterous, unbridled and unrefined.
But, this is not the only sorting. Heavens, no!In addition to your House, each attendee is sorted onto a Puzzle Path; a series of mental conundrums designed to engage the imagination, building one upon the other in detail and complexity. Complete one, complete none or complete them all. The choice is yours. But, for each level of a Puzzle Path, you earn Pandoracoin – convention currency that gives opportunity to purchase a wide array of goods and services ranging from raffle tickets to zombie and hunter bonus cards. Oh, did we forget to mention the zombie game at the registration?That’s right. Want to play: one dollar gets you into the game; a game that is completely self-sustaining and can accommodate up to 500 players. It runs the length and breadth of the convention, can be joined or exited at will and is a great meta activity for those (sometimes) pesky downtimes that occur at other conventions. Not at Pandoracon, though. We say outright: you will not have time to see and do it all.

But, take a step back and look at Pandoracoin again. While all attendees get massive usage out of Pandoracoin, the Houses get a bit more. Not only can it be used to purchase special abilities from the Aces and Jokers during the House Games, but every two Pandoracoin in the House treasury equates to one House Point when the games are concluded.

And, the Jacks – knights errant and ambassadors supreme – have access to a special hoard once they complete their quests: quests that are oriented not only around the mental, but the physical and social as well. You see, in addition to the Games, each House is competing to assemble their House deck and only the Jacks can gain the Ace and Joker cards. Once the House is paying with a full deck, the hoard it accesses is deposited right into the House treasury where it can be put to all sorts of uses, both scrupulous and otherwise.

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