Film Reviews with a Drag Queen: Deadpool! The R-Rated Review!


Please be aware before you continue reading that this is a review Deadpool can be proud of. It includes profanity, discussions of genitalia, and other gross immaturity. More importantly, this review includes SPOILERS. If you do not like them, you should check out the marvelous spoiler-free review by Calamity Dawn. It is wonderful, grade A, spoiler-free material. We promise.

Stixen: I don’t know what to say about this fucking movie!

I found it appropriately obscene.

Stixen: I can agree with that! Seeing it a second time, I was definitely struck by the fact that it was actually fairly tasteful – at least on the end of gore.

Yeah, it actually wasn’t as gory as I was expecting. Gory, but not, like, Saw.

Stixen: Exactly! It was gross, but it was almost like video game gross in the sense that the noises were gross, but there were never any close ups of anything, and it was usually out of focus.

As far as sex and nudity goes… the sex scenes weren’t as mortifying as I was expecting.

Stixen: Again, it was pretty tasteful. Lots of boobs, but what else can you expect from Deadpool?

Quite so.

Stixen: Well, you and I discussed the fact that I was quite hyped up to see Ryan Reynold’s full frontal scene, but while the boobs were flowing, they seemed pretty shy to show Ryan Reynold’s member. I just found it amusing how vastly different the nudity was, as far as gender goes.

I believe your exact words were: “More penis!”

Stixen: Those were the exact words. I think “more penis!” is always a great motto to live by.

Honestly, I didn’t mind the lack of penis. I was too happy about the katana-play.

Stixen: Mindy! How could you!

*See above for reference.*

Stixen: Okay, fair enough. The katana-play was also pretty cool.

Quite so. And, aside from pulling a bit of a Moffat as far as gender goes, the film was amazing. Exactly what I wanted from a Deadpool film.

Stixen: Agreed! It’s definitely a lot of fun. It did a good job of never letting us forget that this is not just another superhero movie. For instance: Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus walking in slow motion to the cool music, only for it to stop and for them to realize that Deadpool had forgotten his ammo. Moments like that made the film for me, I think.

And they did a great job with the fourth wall. It would’ve been easy to overplay that by having Deadpool speak directly to the audience ALL THE TIME, but between the narration, the occasional “breaks” with his reality, and then the handful of direct lines to the audience – it just – yes. It just yes.

Stixen: Yeah! They made a lot of smart decisions, especially with the forth wall. Again, it was used in such a way that you could forget, but there were plenty of breaks to keep it refreshing every time he did it.

Although origin stories are the most common “superhero” movies, I thought it was a good choice in this instance. Because, while Deadpool is always delightful, the shit he went through on his way to becoming Deadpool makes him sympathetic to a larger audience.

Stixen: I agree with that. As someone who never knew Deadpool’s origin story – I was interested to see how he got there. Although, I will say, I would love to just see a film of just him being him. The whacky persona was a lot of fun on screen.

Believe it or not, his comics persona began as even less of an accidental quasi-hero. He goes through phases as a villain. Not all of his hits are put on stalkers. And they aren’t all left at intimidation. And, of course, the comics imply that his “roommate” is more of a hostage/helpful human pet.

But, yes, I’d be all aboard for a non-origin film. Which we’ll probably be getting.

Stixen: Yes! Absolutely! Although, I can’t help but wonder…do you think Deadpool’s character will last through the six or so movies they’re planning? Or do you think he’ll get old?

I don’t know. It depends a lot on the writers. It depends almost entirely on the writers, actually. We haven’t gotten tired of Ironman after he’s starred in… five movies? Counting both Avenger films? I think Deadpool’s snark and crudity offer a lot of opportunities that run-of-the-mill superheroes just don’t have. For instance, Captain America’s stories are dependent on the villain’s scheming. If push came to shove, Deadpool can be his own damn villain. For instance, in this film, it didn’t matter that we didn’t have his full back-story right away. It just didn’t. Deadpool carried the show just fine. I’d love to see them hype up Deadpool’s nastier aspects. A Deadpool vs. select X-Men movie would be brilliant. Or an entire movie of him just trying to bring in Wolverine for a bounty. It would be like an R-rated Wily Coyote.

Stixen: I’d love to see Wolvie vs. Deadpool. I think that was what I loved so much about this film – his interactions with other super characters – especially one who is pretty well known. It was fun to finally see a super character who is super self-aware. And then throw in Colossus, who is very much that superhero archetype and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the snarky teen archetype – it was fun watching the three interact. And even more fun to see Deadpool commenting on their behavior. Very meta.

Which is the joy of Deadpool: the ultimate experience in irreverent meta fiction.

Stixen: And after seeing so many self-righteous superhero films that claim to be different from the pack (here’s looking at you, Ant-Man!) it was refreshing to finally have a film that made fun of those films and gave us something new.

I haven’t laughed out loud in a theater in years. Smirk, yes. Smile, definitely. Spontaneously burst in undignified hoots and cheers? Not often.

Stixen: I can agree! I loved this film, despite a few problematic messages about women. But I think that if the next movie gives Deadpool a boyfriend, I’ll be completely on board with this franchise. Did you have any thoughts on the treatment of women in this film?

I thought it suffered from a bit of Moffat-ism: the writers understood there was an issue, but couldn’t quite seem to understand what it was or how to address it. By acknowledging it, they thought they had it down. Fortunately, there was Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Although the adult females were more or less story props with perky or wilted boobs, Negasonic had a personality.

Stixen: I agree! Without NTW, I wouldn’t have liked the film as much. I loved every scene with her involved. She really added so much to the film for me. I liked Deadpool’s girlfriend a lot – but, as you said, she became kind of a prop – which is a shame because she had a few moments where I thought she was going to break the glass ceiling, but she wasn’t fully able to. The same could be said about the villain’s sidekick, who was often the butt of jokes about her super-strength making her too masculine, which I found disappointing. So I was glad Negasonic was there to give us some sort of female empowerment.

I always like to say I can find the “drag” in any film, or elements of my inspirations for my own personal drag and Negasonic was the “drag” in this film for me. Her kickass attitude and fabulous lipstick shades were certainly inspiring.

Oh, yeah – she had some serious ass-whooping glam on her side. And something shiny.

Stixen: Yes! I feel like “serious ass-whooping glam” is my middle name and “ooooh something shiny” is yours.

I won’t lie: it’s true. For instance – katanas.

Stixen: Exactly my point!

Alright: thoughts going in vs. coming out.

Stixen: Well, I’d already seen it once before you and I went to see it. But my original thoughts were all across the board. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I expected everything under the sun. And coming out, my first thought was “more penis!” and my second thought was, “I could see that again.” Which of course, I did. What were yours?

Mine were pretty simple. Going in: “This is gonna be good!” Going out: “That was REALLY good!”

Official Heel Rating:


I was tempted to give it a 3 1/2, but I think I’ll give it a four!

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