Fantastic Beasts and How to Fight Them – Monster Hunting 101


As darkness settled over the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza, Nathan Shrider stood in a darkened room before a host of both seasoned and novice monster hunters. They came to learn about the monsters under the bed, the creatures in the woods, and the horrors stalking the bright lights of civilization. And they were not disappointed.

Nathan Shrider examined the history of many beasts unique to the American continents, including the Wendigo, the Jersey Devil, the Loveland Frogman, and even the mysterious Skin Walkers. His words left a distinct chill in the hearts of his audience, even as they leaned in, eager to learn more about these fabled monstrosities. They are not all easy to kill. Though some could be killed with a blow to the heart, many proved impervious to bullets – and even canons.

Though terror chilled them, all guests left a bit wiser and a little more prepared to face their own monsters.

Nathan Shrider will present again this evening, though he will focus on the horror of human dealings and comics, rather than things that go bump in the night.

M. Leigh Hood is a rare beast of the Cincinnati wilderness typically preoccupied with writing, nerding, and filming The Spittoon List. For more articles and stories by M. Leigh Hood, look HERE.

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