Every day, or I might die!

TravisBack in 2005 or so, my friend Myke Amend was doing promotion work for a club in Cincinnati called “Jekyll and Hydes”. He booked us for a show on a Saturday. Part of the show was me doing fire-eating in front of the club to lure people in. The neighborhood wasn’t the best, and besides clubgoers, there were a fair amount of homeless people. One being an older man with what I think was a Russian accent who spoke very softly so I had to lean in to hear him when he talked.

While eating fire, he told me I was a “powerful man” and that I should “not poison myself”. I tried to listen to him as much as possible, but with his low voice and accent, I probably missed some of what he said. He also seemed to either be intoxicated or have mental issues. Possibly a little of both.

After about an hour, it was time to go inside to perform for the people inside the club. I was packing my things up, and once again the old man was trying to say something.

I leaned in, and in a lucid, clear, and loud voice, he said, “Be sure to brush your teeth every day!” After that, he turned, and walked away up the street.

I’ve seen enough scary movies to know that the one time the crazy old guy from town tells you something in a serious tone, you’d better believe it to avoid getting eaten by a mutant animal, stabbed by a psychopath, or swept away by a freak tidal wave.

To this day, I make sure to brush my teeth at least once daily, even if I’m on the road and camping, I will bring a toothbrush even before I bring a towel.

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