Epic Nerd Camp?!

It’s the summer camp you could only dream of as a kid – and now you can go as an adult! It’s the best of the magical worlds you’ve dreamed of and the magic that goes into making those worlds.


Epic Nerd Camp is the “Geek summer camp for grown-ups.” It’s set in rural Pennsylvania, which might be a minor nightmare to reach (although their website features instructions from quite a few major cities). The benefit of such relative isolation from major cities is the illusion of otherworldliness the camp weaves. They take their hero training very seriously, here.

Activities for both the physically active and the less-than-athletically inclined abound. Tabletop gaming is a major activity – along with beta testing for new games! – but there are a lot of immersive experiences for those who’d like to develop their skills for that distant day when the wardrobe leads to something besides an oak backboard and a bloody nose. Such activities include horseback riding, archery, and boffer battles.

Artists have a place here, too. Pottery, music production (both performing and editing), painting, drawing, video editing, special effects, digital photography, candle making, knitting/crocheting, and moviemaking are all on the list.

If you feel especially adventurous, you can up the ante by participating in trapeze, aerial silks, aerial hoop, rolling globe, tightrope, cloud swing, and climbing wall activities. There are also two zip lines on the grounds.

Suffice it to say, there is a literal circus department. No joke. They will teach you to juggle with fire. And ride a unicycle.

Traditionalists can enjoy a lake (with all the usual water sports), a pool, and campfires. Really, though, how many traditionalists are gonna be going to this thing? Still, everyone needs to practice being a mermaid sometime, and what would an epic quest be without comrades gathered around the flickering flames of a campfire?

Need more convincing? Unlikely, but check this out anyway:

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