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Ladies & Gentlemen of the Aether . . . behold our online contest for the month of October! We want to see your Victorian gothic horror inspired outfits . . . be it inspired by Poe, Shelley, Lovecraft, or whomever . . . we want you to scare us with your darkest and deadliest ensembles that you can muster from the shadows of your wardrobe.

  • Winners will receive Pandora Society merchandise and either $50 or weekend pass to the Steampunk Empire Symposium.
  • Winning costume picture will be used on promotional materials for the Pandora Society’s newest event (The Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade), and displayed on our website.
  • Anyone from Anywhere around the world can enter.
Leanna Renee Hieber

Leanna Renee Hieber

There are two opportunities to win . . . the first is the Popular Vote in which the readers of The Pandora Society will cast their opinion and vote for their favorite, and then there is the Judge’s Choice for which we are joined by Leanna Renee Hieber, best-selling author of her Victorian paranormal series of novels . . . the perfect choice to choose the best spooky Victorian costume from so many great entries.

You have between now and October 22nd (two weeks from today) to enter this contest by filling out the form below.

Starting on Friday, October 24th, voting will begin to see which outfit our readers like the most. Voting ends on Halloween at Midnight (EST) and the results will be first announced on November 1st, at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon.

AND now . . . some rules . . .

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
  • One person per photo. No group shots.
  • You may only submit one entry per person.
  • No illegal activity, sexually explicit material.
  • No use of third party logos and no copy written material, UNLESS you have written permission from the owner/photographer of the picture (this can be done via email)
  • By submitting a photo you are giving us permission (and that of the photographer) to use that image.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 60 days of selection of winner.
  • No substitutes allowed for prizes and they are not transferable.
  • All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

Click here to see the current entries for the “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest.


Screampunk CoverScreamPunk was developed into a role-play expansion of Steve Jackson’s GURPS system . . .

It is an Age of Revolution; the world has been cruelly purged . . . in fire, and blood, and steam. From the past, untold horrors wait to clutch at men’s souls. It is an Age of Invention; even the Laws of Nature must fall before the power of Progress! Sinister villains plot to use their newfound inventions against society, nature, and even God Himself! It is an Age of Steam; the most brilliant minds of the age experiment with novel, wondrous ideas – but is mankind ready for such power?

Although no longer available in print, one may acquire this dark knowledge for the mere price of $2.99 by downloading the PDF from the Steve Jackson Games website.


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