DragonCon – Thursday Pictures

Various core members of the Pandora Society are in full force at DragonCon this year, and we’ll try to bring you a slice of the World’s greatest costume convention each day . . .

2014.08.28 DC1

This is just Thursday in the Marriott bar . . . it’s going to get a LOT more packed than this!

08.28.14 DC 2

The Dude and Obi Wan Lebowski.


Spencer Martin as Klytus from “Flash Gordon.”

Cat and Toothless

A Sister of Plenitude from “Doctor Who” meets Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Sith and Jedi

The Dude will bring balance to the Force . . . like a rug that really holds the universe together.

Tomorrow we’ll see just how crowded it gets when Friday rolls into Atlanta . . .


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