DragonCon – Friday

Friday . . . the crowd definitely grew bigger. Shoulder room only in some places.


Waited in a line to see Sir Patrick Stewart . . . a line that stretched around the Marriott hotel and literally went around the block and back on itself! After an hour of waiting we were told that the hall was full and that we would not get it . . . ah well, at least I got to bake in the Atlanta heat for an hour :-/

To be honest, yesterday seems like a bit of a blur, but I suspect that had a lot to do with the scotch and the late night . . . however, I did get drafted at the last minute to co-host a panel on “Steampunk in Doctor Who” which just happened to be a panel that I had presented a couple of years ago at the first Pandoracon 🙂 This was my first time presenting a panel at DragonCon, and I must confess that it has given me the bug to do another, so for DragonCon 2015 the Pandora Society and I shall be submitting some panel ideas to be a part of the fun!

As for pictures, as you may know, I am rather partial to the movie Labyrinth and anything David Bowie, so I present to you another awesome Jareth the Goblin King!

2014.08.29 DC Jareth


SES2015 FB Banner 071514

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