The Dorkside of Cincinnati

“If you only knew the power of the Dorkside!” Like some Sith corrupted Jedi, the folks at Pandoracon are on a mission to increase the geek quota of Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding area. Last week saw the Cincinnati Geek Club move its monthly meetings to Wednesdays, and Friday was the Voodoo Carnival Mardi Gras Masquerade.

The Geek Club had a couple dozen people occupy Roxx Electrocafe for caffeine charged conversations about the full spectrum of science fiction and fantasy TV shows, movies, comics, books, and on into nerd infinity. It looks like Wednesday draws as big a crowd as Friday did; it’s been proposed that this might become a weekly thing.

The annual Voodoo Carnival moved to the Redmoor this year after the Southgate House recently closed. Despite the sudden change of venue the masquerade was attended by about two hundred people, all fabulously dressed in imaginatively elegant costumes and of course . . . masks. Check out the pictures in Cincinnati Metromix to see just how cool Cincinnati geeks can look.

This appears to be a quiet week for Queen City Dorks, but Saturday March 3rd does see the League of Cincinnati Steampunks’ monthly Salon at Arnold’s Bar & Grill; check out Pandora Promotions to get a comprehensive list of all things cool and nerdy happening in Cincinnati.

One Response to “The Dorkside of Cincinnati

  • The Steampunk Empire Symposium in April was such a sucess I am sure this con will be too. Looks like another 1200 mile road trip for me from Springfield VA, will have to bring the Steampunk stuff and Mr. Vader too!

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