Doctor Who Photo Shoot

Calling all Doctors . . . companions, monsters, aliens, and villains! It might be a trap to capture the Doctor in our Pandorica, or might be an honest attempt to set a world record for the biggest Doctor Who cosplay photo shoot.

Pictured below is the Ohio Doctor Who Cosplay Group, organized by Michael Galusick (11th Doctor with the stetson) and photographed by David Blue. We hope that Michael, David, everyone pictured, and more will join us on Saturday (Sept. 29) of Pandoracon for an attempt to give an even bigger show of fandom love for the longest running sci-fi show on the planet (so long that episodes of the original 60’s broadcasts are bouncing back from the moon, but more on that in an upcoming post).

Details on how to sign up for this event will posted in July, however, look out for plenty of Whovian updates in the days to come.

4 Responses to “Doctor Who Photo Shoot

  • I am loving this idea! Just the thought of all those Doctors makes my head swoon!

  • I’m going to see if I can find the nightgown that Little Amy wears in The Eleventh Hour. I’ll even bring an apple with a smiley face (after dousing it in lemon juice so it doesn’t go bad, of course).

  • I’ll bring along my 11th Doctor lolita, and maybe a 10th Doctor Lolita as well.

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