“Doctor Who” Contest – The Winners!

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Voting in the Who North America Doctor Who Cosplay Contest is now over and we can finally reveal the ultimate winners of the popular vote, the judge’s choice, and my honourable mentions for whom I would have picked.

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Honourable Mentions

Aloysius’s Favorite Doctor Cosplay – phoebepiper as the Sixth Doctor

Until recently I dismissed the Sixth Doctor as much as most of the fandom, but after seeing Colin Baker at DragonCon this year I developed a new appreciation for what he was trying to do with the role and how artistic differences with the show’s producer led to the mess that occurred. I think that cosplaying the Sixth Doctor is a brave choice, and I feel that phoebepiper has done an excellent job; plus that mischievous smile won me over 🙂

Aloysius’s Favorite Companion Cosplay – Hanah Tikvah as Ace

Some will already know that Hanah and I have been friends for several years now as a result of the Cincinnati Steampunk scene, but that does not play a part in my choice; the truth is that back in the day I really liked Ace as a character. She is tough with a tom-boy like personality, and an obsession with explosives, but her appearance and clothing are still gentle and feminine. Ace is scrappy and never afraid to rush head long into an adventure, and she’s a bit of a punk 🙂

Aloysius’s Favorite Villain & Ally Cosplay – Julie Barman as Madame Vastra

It’s no secret that I greatly admire strong women and strong female characters such as River Song, Ace, and Madame Vastra. Her Victorian style coupled with her knowledge and use of advance technology places her as one of the prominent “Steampunk” characters of the Doctor Who universe, and second only to Jack Harkness she is the show’s prominent advocate for sexual orientation equality. A lot of work has gone into Julie’s costuming, and she has succeeded with the hard task of prosthetics and make up to capture Vastra’s reptilian features 🙂

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Popular Vote

Here are the cosplays that you picked . . .

Best Doctor Cosplay

3rd Place – Col. Octavius Fogg as the First Doctor

2nd Place – Jacob Keel as the Tenth Doctor

1st Place – Josh Breece as the Tenth Doctor

Best Companion Cosplay

3rd Place – Hanah Tikvah as Ace

2nd Place – Natalie Donnermeyer as River Song

1st Place – Laurel Sprague as Rose (aka Bad Wolf)

Best Villain or Ally

3rd Place – Rebel Among The Stars as the Doctor’s Scarf

2nd Place – Emma Peelout as the TARDIS

1st Place – Betty Lickman as a Weeping Angel

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Judge’s Choice

Here are the three cosplays that the folks at Who North America picked as their favorites . . .

Judge’s Favorite Doctor Cosplay – Col. Octavius Fogg as the First Doctor

Brilliant 1st Doctor; one that is seldom achieved or attempted.” – Who North America

The-Day-of-the-Doctor-Extended-TV-Trailer-31Judge’s Favorite Companion Cosplay – Laurel Sprague as Rose (aka Bad Wolf)

“Kudos for capturing the feel of the actual screenshot.” – Who North America

Judge’s Favorite Villain or Ally Cosplay – Betty Lickman as a Weeping Angel

“Absolutely EPIC. Lovely!” – Who North America


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The winners of the popular vote and the judge’s choice will each receive Doctor Who audio books from Who North America and a series of Steampunk pins from the Pandora Society. Look out for details of our next contest that will start at the beginning of October. Meanwhile, you can find the good folks of Who North America and their fantastic stock of all things Doctor Who at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend, September 19th to 21st, 2014.

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