“Doctor Who” Contest – Rachael Hoffenblum

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Today we feature our latest entry for the Who North America Doctor Who Cosplay Contest from Rachael Hoffenblum of Ypsilanti, MI presenting her Genesis Dalek.

I love the designs of the old Daleks! My boyfriend decided to cosplay as the second doctor for a recent convention, so I joined him by cosplaying as a Dalek from that era. 

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I bought a basic gray dress on eBay, boots from Payless, and a whisk and plunger from Walmart (I already owned a pair of leggings). I sewed black fabric across the chest and waist to mimic the Dalek’s struts. The Dalek bumps are made from halved Easter eggs, which are all hand painted. Finally, the “lights” are small plastic cups that are glued to hair clips. 

Voting has been moved to start on September 11th, and end on September 16th, and the results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on September 17th.

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