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Today we feature our latest entry for the Who North America Doctor Who Cosplay Contest from Josh Breece of Kissimmee, Florida presenting his David Tennant Tenth Doctor.

When I first started Doctor Who, we were already about halfway through the second series, and while I enjoyed the Doctor’s coat and hair, the brown suit just looked drab to me. However, when I saw the first episode of the third series (“Smith and Jones”) and he had changed to a blue suit and red trainers and tie, I knew that was a costume I wanted to wear. I don’t regret a penny spent on it.

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The coat was purchased from HelloCosplay.com, the suit and tie were Goodwill finds, the shoes from Payless, and the shirt I already owned. I got the psychic paper and sonic screwdriver as a set, and the not-pictured brainy specs were dollar store reading glasses before I popped the lenses out and painted the frames.

2014.08 WHO Contest Sq ENTER 2The deadline for entries is midnight (EST) on September 9th, 2014. Voting runs from September 10th to September 16th, and the results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on September 17th.

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