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Today we feature our latest entry for the Who North America Doctor Who Cosplay Contest from Jenn Bethel of Cincinnati, Ohio presenting her Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter.

We share a name and she was always one of the most badass characters in my opinion. The Doctor refused to believe she could do anything at all and the entire episode she proved to him all the amazing things she could do over and over again. She;s really inspired me to be the best I can be, even when everyone tells me I can’t.

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To be honest, I put this together in a week when my friend guilt-tripped me into going to Ohayocon with him. I found the shirt at American Apparel and the rest I had sitting in my dorm.

The deadline for entries is midnight (EST) on September 9th, 2014 . . . which is TODAY! Voting has been moved to start on September 11th, and end on September 16th, and the results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on September 17th.

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