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It the late 1970’s there was actually a music genre known as Space Disco, a fusion of disco music with futuristic themes, sounds and visuals, and one of the prominent bands of this era was a French group simply called . . . Space.

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Space was founded in 1977 by Didier Marouani (also known as Ecama), Roland Romanelli, and Jannick Top. The first three albums — Magic Fly, Deliverance and Just Blue — were an immediate success (they sold over 12 million records all over the world).

Space Magic Fly AlbumThe album Magic Fly, which is widely considered to be their best work, was released in audio cd in 2001, 24 years after its original release. Although Didier Marouani left the band in 1979, the other two members Roland Romanelli and Jannick Top released in 1980 the album Deeper Zone under the name of Space. Then Space officially split up in 1981.

In early 1980s Marouani, with Janny Loseth of Titanic as lead vocalist, continued to perform and record under the titles of Didier Marouani & Space, and Paris-France-Transit due to release lawsuits.

space-magic-fly-dancerThe name “spAce” was legally reacquired after some artistic copyright disputes around 1990, allowing musicians to re-release classic albums and give a European live cover tour in 1993. Symphonic Space Dream was produced with collaboration from the Russian State Symphony Orchestra. In the same year, the S Club Juniors made a remix to their single “New Direction” featuring the backing track of “Magic Fly.”

Space Disco is a blend of mid-70’s disco and the glam rock of the early-70’s, rolling the psychedelic climax of 2001 – A Space Odyssey with costuming that is reminiscent of Space 1999 and other such shows of the time. “Magic Fly” and its music video are perhaps the epitome of Space Disco with brightly colored spacemen playing music in a swirling brightly colored space vortex while a scantily clad woman teases the disconauts with her alluring dances . . .

. . . one is left wondering whether disco invaded sci-fi, or did sci-fi invade disco? Either way the music and look of Space is so 1970’s . . . that is until that same year Star Wars came out and gave science fiction a whole new look of the “lived-in” universe.

The band’s hit “Magic Fly” as well as many other songs from the self-named album were remixed in 2003 by the Belgian dance music project Minimalistix. In 2004, their hit deliverance was sampled in De La Soul‘s single Rock Co.Kane Flow featuring MF DOOM. In 2007, it was retaken to feature in its entirety in Talib Kweli‘s two-piece composition Hostile Gospel (Deliver Us). 2010 saw the release of Space’s latest album: From Earth To Mars. It was the fist reunion of Marouani and Top in over twenty years. The last track of this album, Message of Peace From Earth To Mars, features recorded samples of 1961 Yuri Gagarin‘s journey into space and is itself a tribute to fifty years of human space exploration.

Listen to more Outer Space Music HERE and see what happens when you get stuck between rock and dork place.

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