Disaster! – Dirigible Crash Causes Aetheric Contamination


The worst has happened. The small rogue dirigible that snuck its way into our dimension from the dimension of our new acquaintances the Circle City Aerodrome, was spotted two days ago fleeing through the portal to their own dimension. As it had been reported that they were seen collecting samples of ejecta blanket material laden with aetheric energy, our own hazardous materials expert Arcturus Thorn and his security officer Victoria were monitoring the portal site from the personal dirigible of J. Sprocket Stemwinder and they gave chase. Not 10 miles through the portal the rogue dirigible began losing altitude at an increasing rate and before Victoria and Arcturus could give assistance they broke up amongst some tall pines.

WreckageThe resulting blast of comet dust and aetheric energy would have been unremarkable to those without the proper visual enhancements, but to Arcturus and Victoria, the event was both fantastic and frightful. With Victoria providing a security cordon around the site, Thorn investigated the wreckage and found that the three men and one woman who crewed the vessel must have been slowly irradiated and died not long after reaching their own dimension. The unshielded containers they had used to store the comet dust and sand had been completely destroyed, spraying aetheric radiated material over a span of at least one mile. With a small town no more than 5 miles from the crash site, Arcturus and Victoria made immediately for the Aerodrome to arrange for assistance in evacuating the town called Batesville, before the aetheric radiation could begin to cause them health problems.

This incident has stepped up the negotiations timetable for the Clan of Teks’ technology trade agreement with the Circle City Aerodrome. The very CCA_logo_topnext day following the accident, Caelyn Nagle was dispatched to the CCA and two main concessions were decided and signed immediately. The Clan of Teks would send a team of hazardous cleanup technicians to perform and foresee a cleanup of the accident site, and the Circle City Aerodrome would send a boffin crew to help set up a security station on both sides of the portal joining our two dimensions. Both projects began only 3 days following the accident.

The formal trade agreement is now being written and we are told it will contain plans for a scientific ambassador program, a direct communication line between both cities, portal stability technology for the Clan of Teks, and aetheric engine advancements and safe fuel supplies for the Circle City Aerodrome. This treaty has been schedule to take place on November 8th, at a site in Madison, Wisconsin that appears to exist in both dimensions simultaneously, thanks to the efforts of a brilliant scientist in both our dimensions named NikolaTesla(con). I am told that there is to be a great expedition starting on that same day, one that means to go to the center of the earth. How exciting!

Re-posted with permission. See the original post at the Clan of Teks website.


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