December 3rd, 1910 – The Neon Car Show


It was on December 3rd, 1910 that modern neon lighting was first demonstrated at the Paris Motor Show by French inventor Georges Claude, who 35 years later would be imprisoned and stripped of his honors and accolades.

Paris Motor Show 1910 680

The biennial auto show presently takes place in Paris expo Porte de Versailles during October and is one of the most important auto shows, often with many new production automobile and concept car debuts.. The Mondial is scheduled by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, which considers it a major international auto show. Until 1986, it was called the Salon de l’Automobile; it took the name Mondial de l’Automobile in 1988. The show was held annually through 1976.

Georges ClaudeGeorges Claude is most noted for his early work on the industrial liquefaction of air, for the invention and commercialization of neon lighting, and for a large experiment on generating energy by pumping cold seawater up from the depths. He has been considered by some to be “the Edison of France,” until he became an active collaborator with the German occupiers of France during the Second World War. It was for this that he was imprisoned in 1945 and stripped of his honors.

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