“Deadpool” Film Review

On Feb. 12th, 2016 one of the most highly anticipated movies in the Superhero genre was released. On Feb. 11th I was lucky enough to snag some tickets to an early screening of it. Now, to say Deadpool was highly anticipated is no understatement. Fans of the red suited anti-hero have been clamoring for this film for  years. No fan wanted it more than the lead actor, Ryan Reynolds. Thanks to some leaked test footage, Deadpool finally found some solid ground to stand on and the results are fantastic!


I’ve been struggling to keep this review spoiler free. Every fannish cell in my being wants to scream out, “Oh my gods, that thing he did there, with the thing, and the other thing… oh the things!!!!” I won’t spoil a moment of this movie for you. I want all of you to experience this wonder for yourselves!

So, to start, Ryan Reynolds may not have been the Green Lantern we wanted, but he is the Deadpool we needed! His portrayal of Wade W. Wilson is spot on. Some may say he didn’t even have to act, he just had to be himself. Although he is the title star of the film, Reynolds wasn’t the only shining light. Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Deadpool’s love interest (as seen in the trailers) is delightful. She’s charming, and witty and the perfect fit for Wade. From Weasel to Blind Al, all the supporting characters fit into Deadpool’s life like they have always belonged there. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (still the best name ever) bring the big guns, as it were, and provide some very hilarious moments, while allowing us to see Deadpool in a slightly different light.

The action scenes are amazing, nonstop, and very graphic. The speed and pace of the movie is consistent. I never once looked at my watch. The only gripe I really have is that the movie wasn’t nearly long enough. There are pop culture references all over the place, and plenty of easter eggs for long time fans of the character. And yes, Stan Lee has his usual Marvel cameo, and IMHO, it’s one of his best ever. Stay for the end credits, there’s some fun to be had there.

Deadpool and Bear

The soundtrack is terrific, the effects are great, the acting spot on. It may not be a perfect movie, but it is darn near close. Oh, and please, keep the kids at home. It’s been said, and I’ll say it again, Deadpool is not, NOT NOT NOT, suitable for kids. If you want your kid to have a Deadpool-like experience, put on old episodes of Freakazoid.

Go, now, get a ticket, and see the best Marvel movie to date!


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