Daleks get in for Free!

Is it futile to resist a Dalek invasion?

Cheeky Dalek PC12 680

At Pandoracon we’ve always welcomed our misunderstood genocidal  metal encased friends! All live-sized Daleks that are accurate looking always get into Pandoracon for free (who would dare try and charge a Dalek for a badge?) and they can even bring one guest for free.

We want to amass a Dalek army to take on the army of Doctors who will amass for Pandoracon. Only with the help of the Daleks can we successfully imprison the Doctor(s) in our con jail Pandorica, and we might even have a Dalek beauty pageant!


“And when you grow up, you’ll all be able to get into Pandoracon for free!”

If you have a life-size and screen accurate Dalek as a supreme ruler of your household, or know someone who does, please send us a message to info@thepandorasociety.com and we will make arrangements give you and your Dalek a free weekend badge to Pandoracon!

PC and ISS PC 0327162

One Response to “Daleks get in for Free!

  • A bit of fandom trivia . . . Peter Serafinowicz is actually the voice of Darth Maul; he is the James Earl Jones to Ray Parks.

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