Costume Contest

The International Steampunk Symposium Costume Contest was held Saturday afternoon, with the winners announced on Sunday afternoon. The costume featured five categories, with a first, second and third place awarded in each. This year also introduce two categories for very young children, but there were no entries from the those categories. 20 airship points were available for each first place winner, but not for first or second.


Cosette and Marleigh wait in the wings.

Young Girls

First Place — Cosette “Legend of Zelda.” (Affiliated with HMS Queen Elizabeth XV.)

Second Place — Hailey “Scandinavian Princess.”

Third Place — Marleigh “Miki, a fashion designer and graphic novel writer from Japan.”

Young Boys

First Place — Colin “Lighting, from Big Trouble in Little China.”

Second Place — Jeffery “Chesterson, just Chesterson.”

Third Place — Adam “Airship Weapons Specialist.”


First Place — CJ Munz “Rocketeer” (Affiliated with FFS Mutineer.)











Second Place — Cody Rowe “Magnus.”

Third Place — Quentin Rosethorn “Captain at Arms of the Dreadnought INVICTA.”


1st Place — Zatana “The Doctor’s Creation.”










2nd Place — Katheryn Neudecker “Steampunk Ursula.”










3rd Place — Hyacinth “Samurai Hasuryuu.”



1st Place — Lee “Jack and Jill of All Trades.”

2nd Place — Trent and Anna Nickens “Airship Crew Maintanence.”

3rd Place — Warship LZ WWAR “Airship Pirates.”

airship pirates

“Airship pirates.” Photo credit: Katie Griffith

Special Thanks

This contest would not have been possible without the help of many volunteers. we would like specifically to thank MC Joey Marsocci and stage manager Catherine Haremski, as well as our fantastic judges Thomas Willeford, Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Ashley Rogers, and Katey Griffen.


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