Costume Contest – Marianne Vladika

Marianne Vladika 1Starting today we shall feature our costuming contestants in order that their entries arrived. Remember you have until the end of Monday, June 16th to enter the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest, and voting begins on June 19th. Today’s featured costumer is Marianne Vladika.

My friends and I like to do theme based get togethers.  We did a steampunk one and I spent several weeks haunting the local used/resale shops and going through my own closet.  I love old clothes and jewelry so there was a lot to choose from.

I wanted to make my outfit uniquely my own while still delving into the steampunk realm. I love to read so that had to be incorporated into it as well as some of my favorite things.  I dyed and reconstucted one of my mom’s old corsets and then sewed gears, brass keys and watch fobs onto it.  I even used eyelash glue to glue gears onto my face!

Marianne Vladika 2We spent the day taking pictures around Muskegon’s old train depot and several other places.

The photographs are by Paul Miller and are used with his permission.

Show us YOUR favorite steampunk outfit and enter our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest by June 16th to win some awesome prizes.

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