Costume Contest – Kitty Kim

Passepartout-291Here is our penultimate entry for our costume contest . . . Kitty Kim.

Meet Puzzle of the grounded airship M.G.S. Hellcat! I stick to the “punk” side of steampunk, and the name of the game is thrifting. All clothing was purchased on the cheap from secondhand stores and super-sales, my tail and ears were hand-sewn by moi, and the leather pieces were a collaboration between myself and Catfish Thomas Geiger. The gun was lent by another partner in mischief, Sonar Von Wolfenstein, and that trinket I’m working diligently on is the water pump from my own automobile. I believe in upcycling old “junk” for use in my costumes, both to save money and to showcase Puzzle’s lifestyle as a junkyard scavenger.

These photos are just a few of the many wonderful shots captured by Trevor Good of Good Photographics at the March Airship Passepartout photoshoot. It was Trevor’s first foray into steampunk, and he certainly wowed us with his stellar eye and skill.

Voting begins tomorrow on June 19th, and the results will be announced on July 5th at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon.







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