Costume Contest – Jared Presley

Jared PresleyAnother great entry for the Steampunk (Online) Costume ContestJared Presley.

The Steampunk Jim Henson Costume is a evolving process of finding the right accessories and clothing. Caelyn Nagle helped me with making my goggles and Kermit’s goggles. Most of the clothing came from various thrift stores around Cincinnati, Ohio.

I had the Kermit Puppet for quite some time, and got the idea to steampunk myself along with Kermit. I am a fan of the Muppets and of the Jim Henson Productions company. I had the beard and looked similar to Jim, so I thought it would be a unique costume. Two additional puppets, along with a future third one, are being styled in the theme of steampunk.

Voting begins on June 19th and final entries for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest need to be in by the end of June 16th.

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