Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – September 2016 Report

This month many of the core Cincinnati Steampunk Salon crew were on an away mission to Atlanta, GA for Dragon Con, so Salon regular and veteran Star Trek fan Edmund W. Charlton graciously offered to look after the gathering . . . in fact he went a step further and brought a unique theme to this month’s Salon . . . “Steam Trek”!

“To boldly steam where no one has steamed before!” Photo by Edmund W. Charlton.

September 2nd, 2016 Salon Report from Edmund W. Charlton

Saturday evening so close to the Fiftieth Anniversary of the very popular television show “Star Trek” that this month we made Salon a “Steam Trek!” (or ‘Star Punk’) theme night.


The monthly group shot. Photo by Edmund W. Charlton.

Twenty Two ladies and gentlemen had no tribble at all finding their way to Molly malone’s third floor that evening.

The night started out with a minor glitch or misunderstanding – My mistake on music. Here I am the host and I did not know that the DJ Booth did not have a compact Disc player. Our bartender and hostess for the night loaned is her ‘I-phone’ device and found on Pandora a ‘Star Trek’ channel that had very good musical choices for the night.


Newcomers are always welcome at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon. Photo by Edmund W. Charlton.

One new Steampunk friend showed up Steam fleet science officer’s uniform  – she traveled all the way from Lexington to join in our evening Shore Leave. An old friend returned from his travels in Europe. (Welcome back Michael)

Folks brought games like “Ticket to Ride” and “Loaded Questions” to play – fortunately no Providers were heard betting quatloos on the outcomes.

Most of the night was spent  up with friends and fun conversation.

Just after 9:35 pm the group photo shoot was organized and those that wanted to pose gathered on or near the stage. Our bartender Jasmine even offered to take a picture so I could join the group for a picture. (That was very kind of her)

Then those who were in uniform as Steampunk Star Trek characters – or ‘Steam Fleet’ officers lingered for a costume contest. We had six competitors in all three division colors of the Steam fleet. The rest of the evening’s crowd acted as judges by their applause and cheering.


The lady in the red uniform – Elizabeth Lorain Odum won the competition. Photo by Edmund W. Charlton.

The rest of the night pleasant conversation continued, ending with a lively game of ‘Loaded Questions’.

Thank you again to all who showed up.

– Edmund W. Charlton

The next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon will be held on October 1st, 2016 and will be on the second floor of Molly Malone’s rather than the usual third floor, BUT we shall have a Halloween theme so bring your best Scream Punk . . . or not 🙂

To learn more and RSVP, please visit the official Facebook event page for the October Salon.

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