Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – November 2015 Report

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This month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon saw a new form of entertainment to the usual monthly gathering with the first ever Talent Show. Many Salon regulars and several new faces turned out this weekend to see what our local talent had to offer, and to vote on which act they would most like to see at the 2016 Voodoo Carnival. Plus there was the usual social banter, and the night ended with a DJ’ed dance.

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At 8PM, DJ Mojosapien provided the first couple of hours of the Salon with relaxed background music drawn from the early 20th century which really set the mood for conversation and socializing. Silently on the big screen played King of the Rocket Men (the inspiration for The Rocketeer), followed by the old serial Buck Rogers with Buster Crabbe; both gave the evening more a Dieselpunk feel for those who prefer the fashions of the 1930’s and 40’s. Close to 10:30PM it was time for the traditional group pictures, announcements (which was basically “See you all next week at the Time Travelers’ Ball!”), birthday huzzahs!, and then we had the entries for our first ever Talent Show!

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First up was Katie Lynn Daniels who gave us a couple of songs on her guitar, and then it was time for Lady Loki who told some Norse Myths from the perspective of Loki. The third act was Noir Rouge, a trio who performed a fusion bellydance, and fourth was Michael Loftus who juggled while dancing to music. The penultimate act was Max, from the band Degen, who performed a Green Day song, and the final act was Crimson Carnival, a duo who brought us another fusion bellydance.

Once all the acts were finished, the audience members with smart phones were invited to visit the voting webpage and cast their ballot for which act they’d like to see at the 2016 Voodoo Carnival. About 20 minutes later, with the results from the audience votes and the votes of the show’s judges (that being myself and Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus) the winner of our very first talent show was . . . Crimson Carnival!

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Crimson Carnival

After the results of the Talent Show had been announced it was time to dim the lights, start the lasers and disco lights, and let DJ Mojosapien do his thing as the floor was cleared and people started to dance. Over the next couple of hours the crowd began to filter out and by 1AM the handful of diehard dancers were still twirling on the dance floor when the lights came on and it was time to leave the third floor of Molly Malone’s.

The next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon is scheduled for December 5th, 2015; please visit the official Facebook Event Page to learn more and to RSVP 🙂

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