Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – March 2016 Report

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With Aloysius away on official Steampunk business, March’s Steampunk Salon was overtaken by the Airship Corsair Iniquitous! After placing their banners to assert ownership, and allowing the dust to settle as Steampunks socialized, Co-Captains O’Dalaigh and Splinter ran a trivia contest from their favorite movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. With prizes donated from Captain O’Dalaigh’s FiendishWear steampunk leather creations shop. FiendishWear was also set up for vending.

After the contest, the team of Peelout/Francy took first prize, and a FiendishWear flask and leather flask holder.

Several new faces were spotted among the crowd, including Steampunks from as far away as Detroit, and some locals who had been curious about the event.

The night ended with DJ Doc Martin spinning his own eclectic mix of 80s and alternative dance music.

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You can check out FiendishWear’s offerings at their Etsy Shop

And you can catch DJ Doc Martin next at Noir “. . .in Wonderland.”


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