Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – July Report

For years now the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon has been held on the first Saturday of each month and this year it fell upon July 4th, a busy day for everyone, a day in which we anticipated a low turn out for the Salon, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Charlton 6

The July 2015 Salon – Photo by Edmund Charlton

About 50 ladies and chaps came out for the Salon. Earlier that day several of us had marched in the Northside July Fourth Parade, an eccentric and eclectic festival in one of Cincinnati’s more artistic neighborhoods, so it was rather a busy Steampunk day for us. From the third floor of Molly Malone’s we had a great view of fireworks exploding in the night sky as the Salon meandered through its social hours. In typical fashion the first hours of the Salon were spent with food, drink, and conversation with the 1999 Victorian set A Midsummer Night’s Dream film playing silently on the wall as we listened to modern songs performed in classical style by bands such as The Vitamin String Quartet.

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The Salon always opens at 8PM, and around 11PM we transition from social time to whatever special event is planned for that night . . . this month we had a dance with DJ Cynister (AKA Todd Martin). During the transition time announcements and contests were held starting with a costume contest. Somehow the theme of the night became Super Heroes and all who dressed in Super Hero attire were invited up to the stage; Odetta von Kasek dressed as a Steampunk Zatanna won the biggest applause from the crowd. We also celebrated the July birthdays with a round of “Hip hip! Huzzah!” and then gave similar praise to two Salon members Renea Frey and Hanah Tikvah who had just succeeded in defending their dissertations and earned the academic title of “Doctor.” We are very proud to add them to the large handful of academic doctors who frequent the Salon.

From 11PM to 1AM, the Salon became a night club as lights flashed in time to the tunes played by DJ Cynister. The party, however, did not end at 1AM as we all moved two blocks down the street to the legendary Firework Tent Party. This annual event is thrown each year by Gin and George Rickman (AKA DJ Nipples) in a large marquee tent that was used to store and sell fireworks. The party starts at midnight and literally runs until whenever the local cops decide to close it down.

2015.08 Salon

The next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon is on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 . . . to learn more and to RSVP visit the Facebook Event Page . . . in case you hadn’t figured it out, the theme is Steampunk Rocky Horror Picture Show, but as always, costuming choices are entirely up to you 🙂

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