Cincinnati Geek Club – June 2015 Report

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Yesterday evening about 30 to 40 people came out for our second Cincinnati Geek Club since its reboot last month, which was about a 50% increase. The “theme” of the evening, if you will, was a tribute to Sir Christopher Lee . . . this meant that Star Wars – The Clone Wars was projected on the wall of Molly Malone’s while people gamed, ate, drank, and geeked out on their favorite fandoms.

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The Geek Club is a family friendly event and about half a dozen teens and middle school aged kids were there, huddled around their own table playing rounds of Cards Against Humanity and bursting out in private peels of laughter. In the spacious third floor of Molly Malone’s there were several tables for discussions and gaming, the biggest of which was occupied by a game of Arkham Horror in which detectives went mad while on the trail of Cthulhu.

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Another table was playing Candy Land, and a new Steampunk game called Gear Grinders was being demonstrated at a fourth table.

The Geek Club has evolved into somewhat of a gaming night, but there is more to it than that, in a way it is like a mini-mini-convention, with a table for vendors and opportunity for guest speakers. As the months go on, the Geek Club will keep on growing, and even our barkeep Jade was talking about getting that night off for next month to bring her husband in for some geeky gaming fun. The meetup is completely free and meets on the third Wednesday of each month on the third floor of Molly Malone’s in Covington, KY. We have a full cash bar and delicious food that you can order off Molly’s menu. The evening runs from 6PM to 10PM, but just roll in whenever.

Next month we shall have six round tables (each holding eight people) available for gaming or discussions, so if you live in or around Cincinnati, please come join us for the July Cincinnati Geek Club on July 15th, 2015 . . . to learn more and see who else is going, please visit the Facebook Event Page and RSVP.


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