Cincinnati Geek Club – July 2015 Report

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Yesterday evening 50+ people came out for our third Cincinnati Geek Club; since its reboot in May more and more people are coming to Molly Malone’s to eat, drink, game, and geek out on their favorite fandoms.

The Geek Club is an all ages event that runs from 6PM to 10PM, but starting in August we are extending the hours to 11PM for a special event . . . the premiere of Steampunk’d featuring International Steampunk Symposium guest of honor Thomas Willeford.

This month several tables were set up on the third floor of Molly’s and each was crowded with avid players gaming . . . well, that is when not getting distracted with all sorts of nerdy conversation and banter. Some of the games in session were Star Trek – Attack WingShadows Over Camelot, Splendor, GURPS, King of Tokyo, Zombicide, and a few rounds of the extremely simple Top Trumps – Doctor Who

Back in 2011 and 2012, the Geek Club began as a meet up to drink excessive amounts of coffee and have overly detailed conversations about science fiction and fantasy fandoms with a little bit of gaming, but this month we accepted that it is now the reverse . . . this is now primarily a gaming event with great company and a sea of geeky conversation. The evening’s soundtrack was a Pandora station based off The Lord of the Rings which added an epic element to many of the games being played.

X Wing GameThe next Geek Club is on August 19th, 2015 and as mentioned earlier we shall be extending the event another hour for a screening of the first episode of Steampunk’d, the new TV show in which Steampunk makers and costumers compete against each other with given materials. Gaming wise, tables have already been booked for a table top game of Firefly and an epic dog fight battle of X-Wing.

X-Wing is designed as a two player game, but rules can be broken, and break them we shall. The plan is to have eight players each controlling a ship in a quick paced dog fight between Rebel and Imperial starfighters . . . so if you have a ship, bring it to the battle and chaos! To learn more and see who else is going, please visit the Facebook Event Page and RSVP.


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