Cincinnati Geek Club – August 2015 Report

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August 19th, 2015 . . . the latest installment of the Cincinnati Geek Club! Despite the torrential rain geeks and dorks come from all over the Cincinnati area to hang out, play games, and talk nerdy.

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Dogfights in space with “Star Wars – X-Wing” – Photo by Bryan Moore

The featured game of the night was Star Wars – X-Wing Miniatures with several rounds of TIE fighters versus X-Wings in which we took the game that is designed for two people and proved that six to eight people can play it just as well. Ships whizzed and soar across the table, dice rolled, and fun was had . . . despite several players (myself included) getting eliminated pretty early on.

Geek Club 2015.08 Bryon Moore 2 680

Learning how to survive the Verse with “Firefly – The Game.” – Photo by Bryan Moore

Around the third floor of Molly Malone’s rounds of DominionMagic the Gathering, Firefly – The Game, and others were being played at the other tables. There were at least half a dozen new faces at Geek Club this week, and each month the meetup grows as word gets out about this evening of fun and dorkiness.

At 10PM gaming ceased and we all turned to face the wall upon which the house digital projector screened the debut episode of Steampunk’d, the new “reality” show from GSN (Game Show Network) based on Steampunk makers and crafters. Amongst the Geek Club we actually knew a few of the contestants and one of the show’s judges, so we were eager to see how the show treated them . . . more about that here.

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The next Geek Club is on September 16th, 2015 . . . to learn more and RSVP, please click on the banner above . . . the featured game for September is Firefly – The Game so wear your brown coats if you’ve got them 🙂


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