Cincinnati Comic Expo – Doctor Who Cosplays

This year The Pandora Society and Kollig Art Photography organized the Cosplay Photo Shoot schedule at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Through out the convention, amazing costumers were constantly being stopped and asked for their picture, as one would expect, but this year we tried to gather costumers together by theme and genre for a series of professional shootings.

Our next offerings are taken from the Doctor Who sessions . . .

2014.09 Kollig DW Group

2014.09 Kollig 4th

2014.09 Kollig Ood & 10

2014.09 Kollig 10th

2014.09 Kollig Handles

2014.09 Kollig Cassandra


See the full set of pictures taken by Brian Kollig at the Kollig Art Photography Facebook Page.


2014.10 Halloween Banner 2

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