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If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest advances in LEDs then you’re missing out on a lot. LED technology in decorating has come so far, so fast, that even old people use LED candles instead of the real thing. They’re an obvious solution for Christmas lights, of course, and their small size and low power requirements make them a favorite in costuming and cosplay. Lighting is just the top of the iceberg, though. Here are some of my favorite ways that LEDs and other sciency things are being used to improve Christmas preparations everywhere.

1. Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Yes, these really exist. Why bother putting Christmas lights on a tree when the tree itself can produce multicolored lights? Some of these look a bit space-age-y, but many are available as regular green Christmas trees with the fibre optics cleverly woven in.

2. Flameless Candles

There is something about the warmth and flame of a live candle that appeals to us–especially at Christmas time. But the hazard of live fire quickly put an end to the practice of using candles as tree decorations. Thanks to life-like flickering LEDs, however, you can have your cake and eat it too. Unlike the imitation candles of the incandescent age, LEDs are small enough to fit into any size candle, and can be programmed to flicker in a deceptively life-like way.

star23. Christmas Ornaments

No matter what brand of geek or nerd you ascribe to, you can’t deny that science and technology are making your Christmas tree ornaments more exciting than ever. There is an unlimited selection of ornaments that light up, make noise, or prank unsuspecting recipients. And if for some reason you can’t find the ornament of your dreams, the advent of 3D printing means that pretty much whatever you imagine can exist. Literally. Why cut out paper snowflakes when you can print them?

4. Shopping

If you’re reading this blog then you probably take the internet for granted, like the rest of us. You’ve probably used online shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay so often that you forget what miracles they are–especially when Christmas comes around. No longer must you brave the crowds in hopes of finding something suitable at a reasonable price. Get exactly what you want, for the price you want, and have it shipped directly to your door. Online shopping has taken over to such a degree that Cyber Monday sales are as big a deal as Black Friday, and significantly less hazardous.

5. How Many Days Are Left, Anyway?

Never argue over the question of how many days it is until Christmas again! Science has the answer!

Now it’s your turn!

How has science improved your Christmas experience? What is your favorite holiday use of LEDs? Have you ever 3D printed a geeky ornament? Share your story!



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