Chicago Steampunk Salon – October Report

Fourteenth of October, Two-Thousand Fifteen

Chicago, Illinois

Stumbling out of my carriage on a chilly Chicago night leads me straight into the doors of Delilah’s, where some patrons are immediately shuffled upstairs to greet a bevy of immaculately dressed folks that have gathered from all around. Outside, airships, hot-air balloons, and carriages are tied up to corners of the building, lamp posts, sign posts, and curiously placed anchors. Ships are bobbing in the wind and horses are snorting and grumbling, impatiently waiting for their drivers to return. 

who are these people 680

I have no idea who any of these people are. (Photo by Jessica White)

The bar is dark and gritty, energy and drinks flowing, with bartenders keeping up with the patronage of their guests downstairs. Hidden in the back corner of the downstairs bar was the lovely Joseph C.R. Vourteque providing ambient tunes for the evening- dark country, Americana oddities, and more. Upstairs, graffitied art covers the walls and a modest, but well stocked bar sits in the back corner where a few shadowy but curious gentlemen and ladies were gathered, discussing everything from their most recent excursion or the philosophy of who-knows-what in relation to whatever-else.

My Co-Conspirators of the Windy City Steam Collective had all finally arrived (minus one, who was plague-stricken that evening), and we began to make our rounds. Hellos and thank-yous and wow-your-outfit-is-amazing-where-did-you-get-its were exchanged, newbies were introduced to the Senior members of the Chicago Steampunk scene, and criticisms and witticisms were swapped. Flyers were passed out to inform members of upcoming Chicago events, including Rouge! Chicago’s Premier Electroswing Monthly, next month’s Salon, and other random events that are going on from the various Punks of Steam.

the group

All of the time travelers! And Tracy face-palming Greg.

Over the course of the next hour or so, the room slowly filled up with small assortments of folks gathered in various corners of the room. Greetings were had, fashion ideas were discussed, and many plans for someone’s next project build were mentioned  A few members of the Collective chatted to our dedicated mixologist Chelsie regarding the drink menu, then immediately picked her brain about a variety of distilled spirits and subsequently consulted her regarding specialty themed drinks for next month’s guinea pigs.

Patrons . . . I meant . . . patrons . . .

Anyway, we were thrilled to see new faces (that may or may may not have been time travelers-you can never be so sure these days . . .) looking to indulge their love of strange and whimsical ideas of the past melded with the science and mystery of the future. They discussed their amazement for the evening and wondrous affairs of which they would like to be involved. The night had continued on with revelries and schmoozing abound; friends old and new mingled and consumed copious amounts of whiskey, although many of us were disappointed the Red Cooler Tamale Guy failed to appear. 

lovely people

More lovely people.

Announcements were made a few hours into the evening, introducing the Conspirators and plans for the Windy City Steam Collective’s future. The Collective aims to regroup the Chicago Steampunk Scene by promoting everyone’s events, encouraging an all-inclusive positive environment (just bought your first top hat?! Great! Wear it! Immediately!), bouncing ideas off one another, and creating a bigger armada of Airships to take over the world! (Only every other Thursday when it’s not raining or snowing- mustn’t have soiled skirts while plotting World Domination . . .). Plans to continue the salon months and years and eons into the future are definitely in place, and growing the event to a bigger, more inclusive soiree is already on the horizon.

Join us every second Wednesday of the month at Delilah’s at 8:00 p.m. Also, find us on the Book of Faces to see our whereabouts and shenanigans being held in and around the city!


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