Chesterfield Comic-Con After Action Report

This 1506037_999501266781928_6318072895913308642_npast weekend a few members of the Richmond Steampunk Society joined with members of the Steampunk Alliance of Eastern Virginia to promote our groups at the small but exciting Chesterfield Comic-Con. We were given three tables in the small Makers section of the convention. We shared the area with a demonstration of the library system’s 3D printers, along with some live maker sessions for kids. The one day convention is put on by the Chesterfield County public library and they do a great job marketing the convention. They must considering the impressive attendance we saw.

The convention had a dealers area stocked with plenty of vendors selling out of rows of long980862_518664641436_542547300740399694_oboxes. It was hard to get in to check the longboxes cause they were under constant scrutiny by comic book collectors and kids looking for their favorite titles. There were also a few collectibles on sale, but the big thing was comics, as is right for a Comic Convetion.

There was a space for panels as well, something I didn’t see much of except for the guy explaining how he developed his Space Marine armor out of E.V.A. Foam.  One of these days I’ll have to try using it for something. One of these days. . .

There were a few other organizations promoting themselves, such as Raven Con and the Richmond Fantasy Inspired Hiking and Camping group. There were a couple more that I never got around to seeing because I was at my own table most of the day.

Outside there were food and coffee trucks to feed attendees and I believe there were some outdoor activities too that would have seen more use if it weren’t so cold and dreary outside. I remember seeing “Star Wars Corn Hole” in which the goal boards were covered with pictures of the Death Star and the bags had X-Wings and Tie Fighters on them.

This year they really put out the word to cosplayers too, and because of that the cosplayer attendance was also impressive12440817_518664366986_2569502743356077717_o. I saw all manner of comic, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and video game costumes, from the basic all the way to professional quality. There was a small 501st contingent, a Space Marine (who also gave a panel on the creation of his armor), a Road Warrior version of Mad Max, and a Coma Doof Warrior with a fantastic guitar. There was also a walking talking Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, several characters from Disney classic animation and LOTS, LOTS, more. The ones I listed are merely the ones that stood out to me. There was also a costume contest with multiple categories to win and it had a great numbers of participants. The contest was touted as the biggest part of the show and the convention ended with a costume parade and the results of the judging.

Overall a very fun experience. I do hope to go again next year.

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