Chasing Behind the Leaders

We’ve given you updates on the top three contestants, but have you been curious to know who are the three contestants currently behind them in hot pursuit of a top slot? Well, today we reveal which costumes are in fourth, fifth, and sixth place.

vintage-dresses 680x400

Voting began on Thursday June 19th in our first ever Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest, but there is still just under a week until the final results are announced at the next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon.

Votes continue to pour in, and many of the other contestants are not far behind these three. With five days left to vote these results can change in this next week.

If you are a contestant, or you have a particular outfit that you would like to see win, do not feel abashed to promote the heck out of that person . . . that’s exactly what we would do if we were not too busy being neutral 🙂

Cast your votes HERE



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