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Please note that this page is under construction and not linked to the public. At this time only Inner Circle Pandora Society members should know of this page’s existence.

Card Aloysius Fox 070114Step One – Stamina & Wit

These are two main attributes to a Character Card. Stamina is physical strength and physical abilities. Wit is intelligence, personality, and creativity. For Step One, you have 13 points to divide between the these two categories.

Step Two – Stamina Skill Scores

Take your Stamina Score and double it; these are the number of points that you have to divide between Combat, Agility, and Piloting.

Combat is your ability to attack. Agility is your ability to dodge attacks, accidents, or do other things such as climb a wall, or pick a pocket. Piloting is your ability to control a vehicle or other mode of transport such a horse.

Step Three – Wit Skill Scores

Take your Wit Score and double it; these are the number of points that you have to divide between LearnednessCharm, and Inventiveness.

Learnedness is your “book smarts” and intelligence. Charm can be used to persuade, or engage in Battles of Wit. Inventiveness is your creativeness, be it art, engineering, mixing drinks, etc.

Step Four – Special Ability

Pick one of the six Skills and determine a situation where your character would have the edge over other characters; this will be a scenario in which your character gains a +2 rating to that skill. Describe it in 20 words or less; unlike the scores, this description may be slightly altered by the Games Editor to make it both physically and thematically fit the game card and game.

Step Five – Fill out the Form

Just fill out the form and hit “submit.” A proof of the card will be emailed to you as soon as it’s ready.





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