Symposium 2017 Vendor – Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary

Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary present handcrafted soy candles, soaps, and other body products, using only the finest natural ingredients, botanicals, and essential oils. Check out their website and LIKE them on Facebook.   Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary – located in Room 123 Save Money – Buy Your Tickets Now All Sales are Final Symposium 2017 Site Menu HOME – GUESTS – SCHEDULE – VENUE […]

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Altered History

Altered History is the design line created by illustrator/designer Abbey Manalli – aka, Captain Kit Kaboom; inspired by my love of history, and desire for travel and adventure in a world that never quite existed. This is a world of airships and trains, steamships and submarines. Adventures are documented in hand-written journals, sepia colored photographs, […]

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Lisa Sell

Based in the realms of fantasy and sci-fi, Lisa Sell‘s masks and other art offer new twists to existing themes and products!

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Muse Pottery and Ceramics

Muse Pottery and Ceramics make handmade functional ceramic art for your home, office or costume adornment.

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Victoriana Craftwerks

Victoriana Craftwerks is proud to present creations, which are inspired by the fantasy, horror, science-fiction, steampunk and modern fiction genres.

Symposium 2017 Vendor – WhateverAndThenSome

WhateverAndThenSome presents assemblage and book art using vintage materials.

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Must Stash Steampunk Haberdashery

Must Stash Steampunk Haberdashery specializes in Steampunk, Goth and shabby chic styles. Their items vary from mini hats, jewelry, spats, altered tins, picture frames, and candle holders using lots of lace, ribbon, gears, chains, mixed media, and fabric all original in design.

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Love of Sparklynn

Love of Sparklynn presents wearable Steampunk art with a Victorian flare.

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