Seven Years of the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon

It’s hard to believe, but the League of Cincinnati Steampunks and the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon recognize their seventh anniversary today. Although the Cincinnati Steampunk scene started to roughly assemble during the summer of 2008, it was on October 15th, 2008 that the first “formal” meeting occurred.

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – October Report

This month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon was indeed a special event as we were joined by the marvelous gentleman of chap-hop himself . . . Sir Reginald Pikedevant Esquire!

A VERY Steampunk Weekend

This weekend is a VERY Steampunk weekend, especially in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, and we have other events happening in Virginia, Indiana, and Iowa this Saturday and Sunday.

Capitol Steam’s Bimonthly Salon – September Report

Dispatch from Capitol Steam’s Bimonthly Salon September 19th, 2015: Theme: Captain Nemo’s Lounge Aye, it was Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys, and we did! The Kraken was flowing. Thanks once again to Kelly’s Irish Pub in downtown Lansing for hosting our misadventures. The Habibi Dancers, (above) our visitors from across the waves, entertained with […]

The Richmond Steampunk Salon

The newly founded “Richmond Steampunk Society” in Richmond, Virginia have taken it upon themselves to found a new monthly Steampunk Salon, much like the great Cincinnati Steampunk Salon. Starting with October 2015, the Richmond Steampunk Salon will meet the first Saturday of every month, excluding Jan 2016. This new salon takes place at “New York […]

Chicago Steampunk Salon – September 2015 Dispatch

The scene was set as Steampunks from the City and Burbs of Chicago gathered for the new Chicago SteamPunk Salon presented by the nefarious minds of the Windy City Steam Collective.

Steampunk Salon Reporters

Does your local Steampunk group have a regular meetup? Looking for help in promoting your events? The Pandora Society is ever eager to help local Steampunk Communities grow which is why we’ve changed our category “Cincinnati Steampunk Salon” to simply “Steampunk Salons” as we would like to act as host to many such reports from all […]

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – August 2015 Report

This month the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon took a bit of a walk on the wild side with The Rocky Horror Show and a change in format. For August 2015 we met on the second floor of Molly Malone’s and around 11PM headed off to the Esquire Movie Theater for the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture […]

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