Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – January 2016 Report

The first Cincinnati Steampunk Salon of 2016 was met by an enthusiastic crowd of ladies and gentlemen who saw in the New Year with food, drink, merry conversation, some dancing, and . . . the Celebration of Regiftus?

Chicago Steampunk Salon – December 2015 Report

This week’s report is brought to you by two of the Windy City Steam Collective’s co-conspirators Miss Vivienne Merriweather and Dr. J.D. Pembroke. You might know them from such places as the Salon and various Speakeasies around Chicago. Chicago has a monthly Steampunk salon! Run by the Windy City Steam Collective, it brings the Chicagoland Steampunk community […]

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – December 2015 Report

There were several news faces at this month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, which is always a thrill each month when more and more people learn about the Salon. It is a wonderful thing to see people enter this safe space and shine with that feeling of having found their people as they are welcomed into the tribe […]

Van Helsteam’s Monster and Hunter Bash

Dateline: Saturday, November 14, 2015: Reporting from Capitol Steam Tonight’s Monster/Monster-Hunter Bash featuring that spinner of musical recordings Van Helsteam, was a smashing success. Over eighty properly clad monsters or hunters were present, with special guests The Apparition Apprehenders, who appeared to be chasing a large, bipedal marshmallow in a blue waistcoat and monocle. As […]

Richmond Steampunk Salon – November Report

This month’s Richmond Virginia (RVA) Steampunk Salon went very well. This was our second Salon and we doubled our numbers. That’s not that big a deal when we went from 5 – 10 (11 if you count R2D2) but it’s showing progress for the growth of the RVA Steampunk scene. We drew a few visitors […]

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – November 2015 Report

This month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon saw a new form of entertainment to the usual monthly gathering with the first ever Talent Show. Many Salon regulars and several new faces turned out this weekend to see what our local talent had to offer, and to vote on which act they would most like to see at […]

Chicago Steampunk Salon – October Report

Fourteenth of October, Two-Thousand Fifteen Chicago, Illinois Stumbling out of my carriage on a chilly Chicago night leads me straight into the doors of Delilah’s, where some patrons are immediately shuffled upstairs to greet a bevy of immaculately dressed folks that have gathered from all around. Outside, airships, hot-air balloons, and carriages are tied up to corners of […]

The FIRST EVER Pandora Society Talent Show!

November’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon will see the first of what we hope will become a semi-regular event . . . a Talent Show in which the winner will be offered a paid gig at one of our big events, in this case the next Voodoo Carnival on February 6th, 2016. If you have a talent, […]

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