Steampunk Sculptors Creating Art Through Recycling

Using recycled materials in art is not a new concept, but steampunk sculptors seem to be discovering innovative means of harnessing the abundant source of raw materials provided by the current culture’s disposable lifestyle. As steampunk sculptor Aaron Ristau explains, “products are obsolete within an ever decreasing amount of time, putting an increasing strain on our ability to deal with man-made waste” (qtd. in Von Slatt, 2009). The range of art being created is a testament to the creativity of artists who make use of “stuff” that had had a life already—a life that is often far removed from art.

Positronic Love

There was a sculptor of Ancient Greece by the name of Pygmalion who created a statue of a woman so beautiful and so lifelike that he fell at once in love, and pined away for desire of that which he could not possess. Daily he kissed the statue, and begged her to life, to breath, […]

A Plethora of Valentines

The celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day officially began in 496 when the Roman Catholic Pope Gelasius I declared it a feast day. In Rome the day originally was designated for the celebration of Lupercalia, a three day pastoral festival (February 13-15) where the celebrants strove to both eliminate evil spirits and increase fertility. When choosing holy days, Christians were known to place them close to pagan festivals in an attempt to ease Christianity into Roman life and to displace the original event. The Roman Catholic Church may have given the day its modern name, but the romantic nature of the festival remains to this day.

“Steampunk Hands Around the World” Event Enters Its Third Year

Ofeibea Loveless recently talked to Kevin Steil, aka the Airship Ambassador, about his annual “Steampunk Hands Around the World” event, which celebrates steampunk worldwide during month of February.

Fleet of Fleece – Will You Answer the Call?

Join Her Royal Airship Ashanti from 1:30 to 3:30 PM on Saturday, February 20th, for the first-ever Fleet of Fleece event! HRA Ashanti and friends will be making several no-sew blankets to donate to the Cincinnati chapter of Project Linus in the craft room at the Colerain Township Michael’s (9657 Colerain Ave Cincinnati, OH 45251).

Cupheads – Game Pre-review

There’s nothing I love to do more than drum up support for cool new game concepts, and whilst the gaming world continues to bask in graphic hyper-realism and novel-worthy narratives, ‘Cupheads’ shows us how faithful appreciation of beloved old-time themes, simple, intuitive controls and, well, simply gorgeous artwork can provide a delightful alternative. This mischievously charming game is a fusion of entertainment genres spanning […]

Puzzle Castles

There is nothing more delightfully steampunk than a castle made of gears and levers that changes shape when you press the right buttons. Myst is probably one of the originators of this theme, seeing as how steam-powered puzzles are their stock-in-trade. But they are far from being the only ones. While we’ve yet to have […]

Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup: January 2016 Edition

There are several books looking for backing this month. I find this to be the category of Steampunk projects I see on Kickstarter the most often, and it is really cool to see so many people going out there and making their dreams of being an author become reality. So if you are looking for […]

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