Time Travelers’ Ball EXCELLENT Drawing!

The Time Travelers’ Ball is now less than two months away and we have a great reason for why you should buy your tickets before the end of August! Not only will you save $5 off the door price to the Ball, not only does the Ball feature a great line up of Steampunk performers, but you […]

Resurrecting Wardenclyffe

Nikola Tesla. The name is legendary among engineers and steampunk fans alike. Inventor of the alternating current and the incredible Tesla Coil, Tesla was a man born centuries before his time, who’s brilliant inventions were constantly inhibited by technological limitations and lack of funding. He died alone and in obscurity, and many of his ideas […]

Gandersnitch the Goblin’s Kickstarter

What’s copper colored, wrapped in brown, and hopes to be re(a)d all over? Well, read to be sure.  Gandersnitch the Goblin, of course! Gandersnitch has been a great part of many Pandora events. Vending at some, and more recently performing his Goblin Medicine Show at the Voodoo Carnival, Steampunk Symposium, and Midsummer Masquerade. Now the […]

Advertise with The Pandora Society – Monthly Rates

Last month, July 2014, The Pandora Society received 19,977 page views, averaging 644 views per day. Each week the site’s popularity continues to grow, and we invite you to share your products and services with our audience. Our reader surveys have shown that the Pandora Society audience is 62.5% Female and 37.5% Male, with the age breakdown as follows: Teens – 4.35% 20’s – […]

Ohio Steampunk Society Pins

It’s been five years in the making, but the official Ohio Steampunk Society pins are here! Back in 2009 when the Ohio Steampunk Society was first formed, Sair Blades was commissioned to “steampunk” the Ohio flag, which she did wonderfully with a change of color from red, white, and blue to tones of sepia and […]


With the fourth of July just recently behind us I’m sure we’re all still obsessing about the most important aspect of the holiday—Fireworks! Who doesn’t like loud, explosive objects that throw colored sparks into the air? They like them so much, in fact, that inventing them seemed to be the obvious thing to do in […]

Convention Creepers PSA

The Midwest Steampunk Alliance Project

Back in 2009 when I co-founded the social network site Steampunk Empire, the main purpose of the site was to connect new Steampunks with local groups of other Steampunks. As part of this mission, Captain Anthony La Grange of the Airship Archon and I formed the Ohio Steampunk Society to further unite the various airships […]

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