Warp Factor 9! Engage!

In the series Star Trek, the ships of the Federation, and their many friends and foes, are able to traverse great interstellar distances at speeds many ”factors” beyond the speed of light. In the original Star Trek Tech Manual there is a bizarre method of calculating these speeds that actually takes the speed of galactic […]

Last Day to Buy Tickets to the Ball

The Time Travelers’ Ball is tomorrow and advance ticket sales end at midnight (EST) today! Tickets at the door are $15, but you can save money by buying your advance tickets online now!  

Only Today & Tomorrow to Buy Advance Tickets!

The Time Travelers’ Ball is only two days away, and advance ticket sales end tomorrow (Sept. 19) at midnight (EST). Tickets at the door are $15, but you can save money by buying your advance tickets online today or tomorrow.  

Time Travelers’ Ball UPDATE

Unfortunately due to time restraints with the Time Travelers’ Ball, Chakras will no longer be playing at the Time Travelers’ Ball on September 20th, 2014 . . . BUT please make sure to catch them in their next show on October 25th at the Old Crow Bar in Middletown, Ohio.

Boffin encounters of the Tek kind

Occasionally, the Circle City Aerodrome comes in contact with other inter-dimensional travelers by chance encounters such as Boffin Corps portal  experiments or dimensional flux stronger than the standard Portal Stability equipment can handle. Last summer we received a visit from a Captain Stemwinder  and his dirigible Hammerhead.  His ship arrived unexpectedly in the midst of an […]

Using Magnets to Repair the Brain.

Last week the scholarly journal Science reported the findings of neuroscientist Joel Voss, and his colleagues at Northwestern University’s medical school in Chicago, and their research into using electromagnetic pulses to repair the brain. Treating patients suffering from memory loss, a series of magnetic pulses to the brain proved effective in generating repairs. The brain stimulation method called transcranial magnetic […]

Danger! Beware! Quicksand Ahead!

Quicksand has captured the minds and imaginations of children and action-adventure writers everywhere for centuries. Or so it must be—right? I remember being terrified to go outside after reading a particularly nasty story featuring someone drowning in quicksand. I don’t remember the title now, or the author, or where a child under ten would get […]

Winner of the Time Travelers’ Ball Photo Op!

The Time Travelers’ Ball is now less than three weeks away and we have a winner who will have a photo op stepping out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. at the Ball with the actual Eighth Doctor . . . Paul McGann! Professional photographer Brian Kollig, of Kollig Art, will be on hand to capture the moment in addition to whatever […]

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