Did IBM kill Steampunk’s 15 minutes of fame?

According to Google Statistics, Steampunk made a steady rise in popularity from 2007 to the end of 2012.  On January 14th, 2013, IBM announced that, “‘steampunk,’ a sub-genre inspired by the clothing, technology and social mores of Victorian society, will be a major trend to bubble up, and take hold, of the retail industry. Major […]

Steampunk Satires

In the world of fandoms, Steampunks sometimes (no . . . more like often) have a bit of a reputation of taking themselves too seriously, so it is healthy for us to occasionally take a moment to laugh at ourselves and remind each other that the primary ingredient of Steampunk culture is folly and mirth. […]

Elementary, my dear Aristotle

What is the world actually made of? This is a question that has plagued philosophers and scientists for millennia. What are the building blocks that make up the universe? Can they be defined and categorized? Can we break down things as complex as trees, oceans, and human beings into their basic form? The first attempts […]

Color Me Laser

Lasers are pretty remarkable. We use them for everything from power point presentations to shooting them to the moon and back. You can make laser pointers so bright that you can use them to point at stars in the night sky as if you were pointing at a chart. They’re used in construction work as […]

The Future of Robotics

When pondering the future of robotics most people think of one of two things. They either envision a future where no one has to work anymore because robots handle all menial tasks, or they make dire prophecies of the eventual robot uprising. Neither of these is a true future, however, for reality is much more […]

Space 1889

Released by Game Designers’ Workshop in 1988, Space 1889 was the first dedicated steampunk role playing game. Frank Chadwick had almost literally created a game that was ahead of its time because, while it had its fans and never really died out, it never really took off either. It was re-released in 2000 but it was […]

The Clan of Teks Requests Technical Cooperation with CCA

The Clan of Teks has traveled to the CCA’s dimension yet again on a mission to determine if the Circle City Aerodrome’s Boffin Corps and administrators would be willing to provide  technical assistance in developing dimensional portal stabilization equipment similar to the devices they employ on their side of our mutual portal. Technology scout Caelyn […]

How To Be A Planet

If you’re anything like me, you took the news of Pluto’s demotion eight years ago with a great deal of confusion. How does something stop being a planet? How does discovering a new planet make existing planets not planets anymore? What do you call a planet that’s not a planet anymore? In the due course […]

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