Doctor Who: Let Zygons Be Zygons

This week, “The Zygon Invasion” revealed the shapeshifting Zygons, galactic refugees since their world was destroyed, have been secretly welcomed into the Earth population. After a rather unique peace treaty was hammered out after “Day of the Doctor,” UNIT allowed 20 million Zygons to masquerade as humans and live out their lives here. The problem […]

Time Travelers’ Ball – Costume Contests

On November 14th, 2015, the Time Travelers’s Ball will be having its usual costume contest for best dressed man, best dressed woman, and best dressed couple/group costume, but the category for “best in show” will be given to those best dressed in fashions from the Back to the Future vision of 2015.

Movie Review: Frankenstein’s Monster (2013)

There are a lot of short Steampunk films out there, but the folks over at First Step Cinematics tried their hand at a full-length Steampunk adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic tale.

A Chance to Give Back – Canned Food and Clothing Drive

Do the Can Can Can – If You Can Can Can!

It’s time to kick up your legs and join in the fun as our airship brings you its fourth philanthropic event of the year! Search your pantry! Clean out your closets! Then bring your canned goods – worn attire- unused jackets – old baby clothes and team up with Her Royal Airship Ashanti as we host our first ever Canned Goods and Clothing Drive. Starting November 7th, HRA Ashanti will be collecting items for St. Vincent de Paul on
– November 7th during the November Salon at Molly Malone’s,
– November 18th at the Cincinnati Geek Club at Molly Malone’s and lastly
– December 5th at the December Salon at Molly Malone’s

The First Internal Combustion Engine Airship

The first airship with an internal combustion engine, running on coal gas used to inflate the envelope, was flown by Paul Haenlein in 1872.

Need a Hotel Room for Time Travelers’ Ball?

Are you coming in from out of town for the 2015 Time Travelers’ Ball? Looking for a high quality hotel that is stumbling distance from Bogart’s? We have just the thing for you! The Hampton Inn & Suites!

Cirque de la Lune Burlesque – Time Travelers’ Ball 2015

Cirque de la Lune and Cincy Pyro is Cincinnati’s most exciting and diverse performance troupe and this November they bring burlesque to the Time Travelers’ Ball with Tamaura Jo and Sunova Starshine!

Solarpunk – A New Future

So you’ve got your Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk genres straight. You can tell at a glance whether a movie belongs in one category or breaks the rules altogether. (Although, since a rule breaking punk is a bit of an oxymoron perhaps these sorts of films are really punkpunk?) But when it comes to rebelling against […]

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