Interview with Steampunk Author Kara Jorgensen: Creative & Professional Writing

Kara Jorgensen is an independent author with two highly successful steampunk novels—The Earl of Brass and The Winter Garden—and a novella—An Oxford Holiday—in her Ingenious Mechanical Devices series. Her newest novel, The Earl and the Artificer, will be released on January 30, 2016. But the publication of this novel is unusual; it also serves as the Master’s Thesis for her MFA in Creative and Professional Writing. Not only did Jorgensen have the clamoring voices of her fans demanding the next installment in the series when she was writing, but her thesis advisor adding pressure as well!

The Rise and Fall of Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat

It was announced last week that Steven Moffat, Doctor Who showrunner since season 5, would be leaving after season 10 to be replaced by Chris Chibnall.  A great chorus erupted from many fans:  good riddance. How did we come to this?

Q&A with Steampunk Model/Enthusiast Nivi Hicks

Ofeibea Loveless recently talked to steampunk model/enthusiast Nivi Hicks about her steampunk influences, being a model of color, and running Salt City Steamfest.

Symposium Session – Crowdfunding Your Way to Success

Crowdfunding Your Way to Success Presented by Sarah Hans A practical how-to panel on creating and running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

A Common Sense Guide to Planet Nine

Earlier this week the California Institute of Technology announced that they had possibly discovered a new planet in the far, far distant reaches of the solar system. This has prompted wave three of the protests regarding Pluto’s planetary status, and mountains of speculation regarding the object itself. All the important information is located in the […]

Book Review: A Conspiracy of Alchemists

I really wanted to love this book. Like, really really really wanted to love it. Not just because reviewers were hailing Liesel Schwarz’s first installment of The Chronicles of Light and Shadow as “a superb debut novel” when it was released in 2013, but also because I picked it up at Weekend at the Asylum […]

Review of The Best of Spanish Steampunk

I received this anthology as a gift and opened it with a great deal of anticipation. Short, speculative fiction has been my favorite genre for many years and reading an entire anthology of steampunk stories would be a treat on a cold winter day. But as I read, I found myself to be puzzled: there were ghost stories, gaslight romances, alternate histories, and references to Victorian authors and their creations, but very few elements that reflect the steampunk aesthetic.

Slender Man: The Macabre Muse

Creepy pasta is proof of storytellers’ ever-evolving adaptability to new mediums. Nearly everyone has heard of Slender Man, and even if they haven’t learned the character’s name, they have doubtless encountered images, references, and associated myths that have permeated our collective imagination. The Silence in Doctor Who. The Thinman in Supernatural. Faceless, lanky shapes in […]

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